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Forget Genetics

Acorn Infused Trace Minerals

Acorn Infused Trace Minerals

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Our Acorn Flavor Infused trace mineral is a perfect blend of antler-building essentials that deer need and crave. Our Minerals are not just another salt in a bucket gimmick. It’s a mineral and attractant all in one. It’s a balanced mix of science combined with countless hours of natural wild field testing. We did our studies on wild deer, with no high fence farm testing or plagiarized university studies. Our field-tested mixture of Trace Minerals, Salt, Calcium, and Phosphate mix combined to build bone mass. The smell of the aroma of freshly fallen acorns will assist the deer in finding your Trace mineral sites. When other minerals stop working at the end of summer our minerals continue to pull in the deer.

Our minerals are an attractant and mineral in one that is healthy 365 Days a year!

* Our flavored Infused Minerals won't mold when used as an attractant.




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