Collection: Apple Jax / Persimmon Pops

Apple JAX and Persimmon Pops are not another horse sweet feed gimmick in a bag labeled for deer. AJ and PP are made from a highly palatable, high protein (18%) special blend of healthy grains that stand alone will attract deer. We then take those grains and give them a boost with a molasses bath (natural waterproofing), we finally top it off with the infused flavor and aroma of freshly ripened Apples. Apple JAX and Persimmon Pops comes in an easy to carry 18 pound bag. This one bag will easily outlast that simple bag of corn because of its ability to absorb into its surroundings, keeping the deer coming back over and over.

*18% Protein
*We apologize for shipping costs, we do not set shipping rates. It is a large heavy package.