What make us any different?

Welcome to Forget Genetics LLC. We are a small Family and Veteran owned business that specializes in Deer Feed, Supplements, and Attractants. We are a company of hunters that have used our products for years with great success.  It is years of science mixed with trial and error within our products. It took friends and family to convince us that our products will stand next to the best on the market. We only specialize in 5 flavors at the current time and don’t believe that you need to offer a hundred different flavors just to make a buck. We sell what works and focus on our customer's fall success and not the last dollar that you may have in your pocket.

Many think that you can just mix salt and loads of phosphorous, bucket it up and you have a great product for deer growth. Deer need more than these 2 nutrients. We also understand that there are 101 different recipes on the internet as well. We take the guesswork out of it for you. Our blends are made to attract and benefit deer and not to deter them with a sour taste in their mouth. Give us a try and I bet you will be back for more. We believe in our products so much we have invested in them. This is not a mix in a bag or bucket with a sticker. Our products come in a custom-designed re-sealable bag to lock in freshness for later usage.

We have products for year-round usage. Similar to how a bodybuilder works out and takes supplements to get bigger we apply this to our deer. Whether you use just one of our products or all of them you should see an increase in the size or quality of your deer. Start in the later winter months through spring then summer with our FG flavor-infused Trace Minerals. Sprinkle our FG Bone Infuser around your feeder broadcasting area to increase essential growth nutrients. Deer will intake these essentials while grazing on your feeder site. This is a great alternative for those important growth months when deer abandon the Mineral sites. Not for Human Consumption.

As the summer months drag on and we get more excited for the season you can use our FG Apple Jax or Persimmon Pops on your trail camera sites. See focused attention to the deer that are in your area. Stop them in their tracks for that ever-important photo. Lastly, we have our Corn Lolly. This fall we will offer a limited supply of Acorn Lolly’s as well. Similar to the FG Attractant dust these can be hung or tied to branches and will act as a licking site for the deer.

It is important to note that all of our products have some type of flavor attractant in them. This is why it is important to read your local state laws regarding baiting. It's also another good reason to look into using our FG Trace minerals. In most states, you can utilize feed and Trace minerals in the off-season. Change the habits of the deer and get them to move onto your property or area.