• Mike, Maryland

    "This was a first for me. This young lady could't wait till I was done freshening up the mineral site."

  • Dan, Pennsylvania

    "Set cameras up yesterday and about 15 minuets after setting one one up, I already got pictures of a doe and this buck."

  • Tom, Pennsylvania

    "Well I forgot to get the bucket for the pictures, but just wanted to share it with you anyways. Not the biggest one that was coming around, but I couldn't let him walk twice. I'll definitely be getting more at the end of the season!"

  • Joe, Ohio

    "Forget genetics doing its thing in Ohio!"

  • Craig, Maryland

    "These laddies are taking turns attacking the Acorn Lolly I put out yesterday"

  • Mark, Virginia

    "Nice buck that's been hitting the minerals. I picked up some of your minerals at the Virginia state show. So far this stuff has been great. Deer love it! They walk past other minerals to get to your minerals."

  • Fueled by Faith Outdoors

    "This buck was severely injured during the season. We thought it was his shoulder but you can see how big his lower leg is. He has been limping around for over two years. This buck is super tough and a old warrior. The Forget Genetics Minerals have really helped this buck along the way. We can't get over how much his rack has grown since last year."

  • Kevin, Tennessee

    "look at this Kentucky stud, hitting the Apple Minerals!"

  • Mark, Pennsylvania

    "You should of called the minerals The Stump Remover. The deer destroyed this thing all season."

  • "Amazed! I've tried so many different products over the years and Forget Genetics keeps them coming back every time!"

  • Dustin, West Virginia

    "This wild buck has been coming in to the Apple Minerals for a couple weeks now."

  • Nick, Pennsylvania

    "The bucks are growing big around here, they have been hitting the mineral spot regularly."

  • Matt, Pennsylvania

    "Just wanted to send a picture of how I found my mineral site this weekend when I went to reapply."

  • Dakota, Georgia

    "I used y'alls Trace Minerals and Bone Infuser. Man this stuff works wonders!! This was a dead spot 3 months ago."

  • Brandon, Virginia

    "They worked as you said they would, They are hitting the sites without them being rained on. I had one of the guys put the Acorn Minerals and and they destroyed the site."

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